About us

The Association Open Doors was started in 1997 with the objective of contributing to the arts and culture, with a direct meeting between artists and audience.

Each year the public is invited by the members of the association to visit the individual artists' studio. Members "open the doors" of their studio over a weekend. This direct dialogue between audience and artist is the driving force behind the Association's work.

In addition to the open studios, there is a group exhibition, where visitors can get an overview of the studio locations, and see the individual artist's work.

To become a member of the Association Open Doors, you must have your own studio or workshop in Århus kommune, and work seriously with art. It is the individual artist who chooses the work for the joint exhibition and what to display in their studio or workshop. In this way, Open Doors ensure that new talent is not overlooked or excluded.

Throughout the years, Open Doors has received a large and loyal audience.